Cliff Colón emerges as a luminous figure among Pacific Northwest tenor saxophonists. His remarkable ability to infuse each note with raw, unfiltered emotion sets him apart. Over two decades, he has risen as a leader in the field, captivating audiences with innovative solos, making him a highly sought-after sideman and studio musician.

Rooted in the dynamic music scene of greater Seattle, Colón's journey began in Tacoma, Washington, where his fervor for jazz took flight. Early on, his musical roots intertwined with gospel and soul, shaping his distinct style. In his 20s, he became a fixture in Seattle's jazz and fusion scene, later expanding his repertoire to include R&B and 1970s funk, enriching his musical palette.

Today, Colón is celebrated as a versatile musician, excelling as a band leader, studio recording artist, and producer. He's known for his collaborations with top local bands across genres spanning jazz, R&B, funk, gospel, pop, and blues. Leading his own projects like Jazz Overhaul, Boss Tenors, and Contraband, he also shines as a featured soloist in the prog fusion group, Velocity, and with D'Vonne Lewis' NW D'Lux.

Moreover, Colón's harmonious collaborations extend to renowned Northwest vocalists such as Jacqueline Tabor, LaVon Hardison, and Elnah Jordan. He passionately contributes his talents to numerous private party bands across the Northwest.

Cliff Colón's musical journey continues to evolve, a rich tapestry woven with diverse influences and an unwavering commitment to his craft.


Sax: Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone

Mouthpiece: Yanagisawa 5* Metal Mouthpiece

Reeds: Vandoren Java (Red Box) #3 Reeds

Neck Strap: DeJacques Neck Strap

Microphone: AMT Q7-LS Wireless Microphone

Case: BAM Cabine Tenor Sax Case