Cliff Colón | Saxophonist

Jeremy Ryan: Goodbye For Now


On March 13th, 2015 I was shocked and saddened to find out that my longtime friend, pianist, chef and handyman Jeremy Ryan had passed away due to health complications. We had just gotten together the month prior for another of his famous jam sessions / cooking adventures that he regularly hosted at him home. I had just communicated with him a few days prior to is passing. It is devastating to lose a friend at such a young age and so suddenly.


I first met Jeremy in the practice rooms at Pacific Lutheran University around 1997. We were both their practicing our instruments, and quickly got to talking due to our similar musical interests. Within a few days, Jeremy had me record some tracks on a CD he was working on at the time. From that point on, Jeremy was not only my music colleague but also a dear friend.


He had such a wonderful personality and was ALWAYS the life of the party. I cannot count the times that we shared laughter and music over nearly 2 decades. Jeremy was always there when you needed him. He would stop whatever he was doing to help a friend in need. He always welcomed guests into his home with welcome arms. His love for music was infectious and he was a skilled composer. All of Jeremy’s music just made you feel good. They resonated with you upon first listen and it almost seemed like you’ve known the song your whole life. Jeremy was super talented in that way. He knew how to make everyone he came in contact with feel good. I have SO many wonderful memories of Jeremy. At this time it is too painful to translate all of them to you, but I hope the photos included in the post will give you a glimpse into the type of man he was.


Goodbye for now, Jeremy. I’m sure you are hosting some unbelievable events in heaven with music and your famous gumbo. We’ll meet again. In the meantime, make God laugh for me. Love ya.